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ThinkTank is a Outsourcing Company providing Recruitment back-office (Resourcing, Researching, Administrative functions) and IT ( Mobile,Web development, Software development) support services to the Recruitment Organizations globally. We have mastered the art of RecruitingRapid Prototype Development by leveraging Cross Platform technologies in Mobile and Web Development

The team of experts at ThinkTank values productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Being back end and front end  head hunters, we understand the need of hiring right people at right place and at right time.Whether you are a start-up or a successful business, We will help you implement this business model and support you throughout the recruitment and development process.

Our Qualities


As a specialist in the field of Recruiting & Development we do not only manage your Operations, we become an active part of your running business who will help you to maintain your service standards and quality aspects.We are not just a service provider but an extension of your team, maintaining your service standards to succeed.Our core focus is in delivering quality Project at affordable price for our respected and treasured clients.


ThinkTank can help you to achieve more with our proficient management skills in development and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We are always committed to provide quality of work and timely delivery of services.With over few years of cumulative resourcing and development experience, our skill set can help your agency achieve much more. We are experienced in software outsourcing and keep our clients updated on the latest process.


Facing problems with resourcing, research, administration or business and Industrial development? We are the One Stop Solution for you.This solution will not only improve the quality of your recruitment, but also considerably reduce the costs of it. The team of experts at thinktank values productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. We have a deep rooted ability to understand business processes for better business practices.

Our Approach

ThinkTank hires graduate calibre working force.Our workforce is comprised of young, energetic and like minded individuals employees.

ThinkTank works with you as an extension of team.Our staff works with you on a retained,cooperative and dedicated basis of different activities.

ThinkTank train its staff-member in-house regarding understanding the job specification, building search, utilizing terminologies effectively. 

Our main focus is to provide cost effective and time efficient  services to our client so that they can feel effect of our services in their performance and profits.

Our Interest

We are not limited to any specific field of industry. Currently we are working with recruitment agencies and small businesses in US, UK and Australian and expanding further.Our focus always targeted on these aspects.


"Very Friendly, The support their services very well extremely efficient.I would highly recommended their services"
Head of Resource Team

Meet the Senior team

Sohail Younas


Hamza Jamil


Harris ul hassan


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